About us

About Us

Innoseis is a spin-out company from Nikhef, the National Institute for Subatomic Physics in the Netherlands and is born from Nikhef’s Gravitational Physics group. Our technology is derived from cutting-edge technology developed for particle physics experiments carried out in conjunction with Nikhef, specifically the Virgo gravitational wave detector experiment that started operating in 2007.

Virgo aims to carry out the first direct detection of gravitational waves. These are minute distortions in the fabric of space-time predicted by General Relativity and caused by the violent events in the Universe (e.g. black-hole mergers). Even the smallest amount of seismic motion and seismically induced vibrations would upset Virgo’s ability to take accurate measurements. The team therefore needed to develop seismic sensing technology and elaborate electro-mechanical systems to suppress unwanted vibrations – by many orders of magnitude. It was during this process that we realised these technologies had applications outside of the area of pure research.

This deep scientific expertise sets us apart from our competitors. We specialise in re-thinking problems from first principles, enabling leaps forward that existing industrial players cannot achieve. Our close association with institutes such as Nikhef means our team can easily work with some of the best scientific minds to imagine and implement new solutions to old problems.