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Innoseis was one of four of science-based startups to receive a prestigious €100k proof of concept grant from IXA, the Amsterdam Innovation Exchange. The grant was awarded by Neelie Kroes during a ceremony in Amsterdam’s Science Park on May 26. Ms Kroes is the Dutch government’s envoy for startups and […]

Innoseis Receives Prestigious IXA Proof of Concept Grant

Innoseis was selected as one of five Dutch technology startups to present their story at the Hannover Messe this year. Each company showcased their technology to a large audience at the Messe which included a panel of specially selected “Lions”- representatives from Dutch Science, Industry and Government. These Included Guido Landheer (director at […]

Innoseis showcased at Hannover Messe

Dr Beker receives Physics@FOM Veldhoven
The Innoseis team were proud to see CEO Mark Beker receive the FOM Valorisation prize during the Physics@FOM congress on January 20th this year. The congress brings together more than 2,000 physicists from the Netherlands and around the world. As well as recognising achievements from within the community, the comprehensive programme […]

Beker receives FOM Valorisation Prize

Innoseis CEO Dr Mark Beker has been awarded the 2014 FOM valorisation chapter prize for his PhD Research. The award recognises the physicist who best explains how theoretical knowledge generated during their research can be applied commercially. Beker’s thesis “Low-frequency sensitivity of next generation gravitational wave detectors” deals with fundamental […]

FOM Prize awarded to Dr Mark Beker

European Energy Venture Fair
Innoseis was one of fifteen young energy-tech companies invited from around Europe to present at the European Energy Venture Fair in September. Held in Zurich, this invitation-only event brings young companies and investors together over two days to explore emerging challenges in the energy industry. Prof. Dr. Jo van den […]

European Energy Venture Fair 2014

Shell Innovation Open House
Innoseis was one of a handful of innovative young companies invited to take part in the Shell Innovation Open House, hosted by Shell CTO Gerald Schotman, on July 2nd in Amsterdam. Held at the Shell Technology Centre, the conference explored how external partners can collaborate and co-create with organisations like […]

Innoseis at Shell Innovation Open House

TremorNet Family
Innoseis is continuing development of TremorNet. The original fully integrated smart node is now joined by a network node and a blind node developed to better cater to specific conditions and customer requirements. The blind node is even smaller than previous nodes, weighing less than 400 grams. For customers who […]

Blind Nodes and Network Nodes